Common Problems

Selecting a Project/Task

In a timesheet, Unanet has replaced the familiar project/task pull-down menus with a search box. Users can start typing the first letters of their charge code to see the available codes appear for selection. A % sign can be used as a wildcard to see all available codes. There is also an Add a row link at the bottom of the project task list to create new rows.

Trusted Sites

The Unanet application uses Java. The Government's workstations are configured to block Java applications from running on websites that are not in your Internet Options: Trusted Sites. Just add https://* to your Trusted Sites under Internet Options.

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Connecting to the Unanet Secure Service

If you are unable to open a secure SSL session to the Unanet application, your system may not have the root certificate of our commercial SSL certificate provider. These are normally preinstalled in your operating system, but if it not, you may have to add it.

Commercial CA

Installation procedures Installation procedures are available here.

Logging in to the Unanet Application

If you are unable to log into the Unanet Application, verify that you are able to connect to your BCT email using Outlook Web App (OWA). The Unanet system uses the same Active Directory account as the email system, so if your username and password work for OWA, then they should be valid for Unanet.

Resetting your password

Creating a timesheet

If after logging in, you are unable to create a timesheet, there is a problem in your project assignment set-up that we must correct. Please report this to us immediately, so we can correct the set-up. There is nothing further you can do.

Seeing a new charge number

If after logging in, you are unable to see a new charge number that has been added, be sure to proceed to the Edit Timesheet command. Your new charge code will appear in the edit screen. If you still do not see the new charge code, please report this to us immediately, so we can correct the set-up. There is nothing further you can do.

Creating a Report

If you are trying to create a report, and experience an error, please verify that your requested options are valid. If they are please report this to us immediately immediately, so we can investigate the problem.


You can print from your browser's print function. Tips on how to do this from within Unanet are available within the online help. After logging in, just select Help and enter printing into the search window.


We are committed to your satisfaction. The only problems we cannot correct are the ones we don't know about. It is important that you notify us about any problems you discover so that we can identify the cause and implement solutions. Most problems will not go away with time and will not solve themselves. The soooner you report them t us, the sooner we can respond with a solution.

Send any questions or report any problems to us at:

Support is available evenings and weekends. Please do not wait to report a problem.