We are happy to provide you all the help and assistance you need with the Unanet application. The only problems we can't help you with are the ones you don't tell us about.

General Information

Time Period: Notice that Unanet uses a bi-monthly timesheet compared with the weekly timesheet in e-Time. This reflects our change to a time-period that is better synchronized to our payroll and billing cycles. You will sign and submit your timesheets at the end of each half-month period, not weekly.

Trusted Sites: The Unanet application uses Java. The Government's workstations are configured to block Java applications from running on websites that are not in your Internet Options: Trusted Sites. Just add https://* to your Trusted Sites under Internet Options.

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Login: The Unanet system uses the same Active Directory account as the email system, so if your username and password work for OWA, then they should be valid for Unanet.

Changing Password: The Unanet system does not have the capability to change or rest your Active Directory password. Refer to for assistance with your account password.

Zero Hours: The Unanet system does not accept entries of zero hours. You should still enter comments for days not worked to indicate that you did not just forget to enter your time.

Saving Comments: To get Unanet to save comments for blank time entries, you must return your cursor to the empty field before clicking the Save button. Otherwise Unanet will not save your comment.

User Guides

WWW User Guides are available here.

WWW More information on common problems is available here.


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