AIA JV Procedure

Unanet has special procedures that apply to the Acquisition Innovation Alliance Joint Venture (AIA JV), because BCT and AIA are separate companies with separate time reporting and accounting.

AIA JV Subcontractors

For non-BCT subcontractors, there are no special procedures in how you log into Unanet, access or create your timesheets, enter your time, and submit your timesheets.

BCT Employees

BCT employees assigned to an AIA JV project must follow this special procedure for entering their time. This procedure is necessary to create the required timesheets in both the AIA JV and BCT accounting systems. The alternative would have been to login twice with separate user IDs and enter the same time twice, once for BCT and again for AIA.

Because AIA JV is the prime contractor, time must be entered on an AIA JV timesheet, rather than as a BCT employee. The Unanet software will automatically create the corresponding BCT timesheet from the AIA JV timesheet at the end of each timesheet period.

Procedure to Access AIA JV Timesheet from BCT Login

When you first login using your normal BCT Active Directory Account, you will see any BCT timesheets you may have from previous assignments or previously submitted time periods. Do not enter your AIA JV time in any of these.

Unanet timesheet

Click the + Timesheet link as if you were going to create a new timesheet.

Unanet timesheet

Without creating a new BCT timesheet, click the User pull-down at the upper right area of the screen and switch to your AIA JV alter-ego, designated by a -j appended to your normal user ID.

Unanet timesheet

The diagonal bands in the new background indicate that you are creating this timesheet as an Alternate user in the AIA JV timesheet system.

Unanet timesheet

Proceed to create or select a timesheet within this system. The create option is depicted below.

Unanet timesheet

If you are creating a timesheet, select and add your projects and tasks in the normal manner. The project and task codes are AIA project codes.

Unanet timesheet

Unanet timesheet

The remaining steps follow the standard Unanet processes. Remember that to access this timesheet on subsequent logins, you will have to follow this same process, since AIA JV timesheets will not be listed with your BCT timesheets, since AIA JV is a separate company.

Assistance is Available

We recognize that this procedure is complicated, and are happy to assist as needed. We are committed to your satisfaction. The only problems we cannot correct are the ones we don't know about. It is important that you notify us about any problems you discover so that we can identify the cause and implement solutions. Most problems will not go away with time and will not solve themselves. The sooner you report them to us, the sooner we can respond with a solution.

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